I don’t think a Zombie Apocalypse is possible.


Someone prove me wrong.

Now, I’ve done my research, though limited, on Zombies.  I’ve read a book on Zombie Autopsies, I’ve read the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant, dabbled with The Walking Dead, and I’m even a member of the Zombie Research Society, that of which I carry my official card with me in my wallet.  I’m fascinated with the concept of reanimation.  I just don’t think its possible.  At least not in the way it’s portrayed in movies and books.  I mean, did you see Warm Bodies?  (in all fairness, I loved the book, but the movie just made the book look like a joke).

I do however believe there could be a virus that can render us “zombies”.  Will be suddenly desire blood, I don’t see why we would.  It seems one day someone decided to mix a zombie with a vampire.  (Vampires is a whole different blog post).  One thing I did read was that in order for a “zombie” virus to infect you, you had to weigh a certain amount.  So small animals or even babies wouldnt have the body mass to turn. I have never read where babies, because they can never be a zombie, can be the cure.  If it were to ever happen of course.

The most accurate assumption I think comes in 28 Days, and 28 Days Later.  The Rage virus sounds way more plausible than just rising from the dead to eat other human beings. I have lots of thoughts on this topic.  This is probably just one of many blogs I will write about zombies.  Here’s a pic of me at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in LA last year, wearing my steam geek tee shirt joining the Zombie Research Team.  I welcome thoughts, comments, stories, questions.


One thought on “I don’t think a Zombie Apocalypse is possible.

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