Comic Con: A Fans Hope



Here I am watching Comic Con a Fans Hope.  I was fortunate enough to watch this at a premiere with Morgan Sperlock, Stan Lee, and a few others that were featured in the film.  This year will be my first attendance of Comic Con.  I’ve been to the smaller Wonder Con, Day of the Dead con.  However making it in this geek culture won’t happen till I conquer San Diego comic con.  I am not big on being around a lot of people but I am into finding hidden gems.  I dont like to read mainstream comics like Avengers, or Captain America.  I like to find independent writers and publishers.  I’m sure Comic Con is plentiful of those.  I am actually a fan of Lady Mechanika.  I finally picked it up at the Long Beach Con.  

So in preparation of potentially going to comic con, we are watching this movie.  It totally gives a great perspective of what its like to attend.  Its great following a few different attendees with their own agendas, and how they accomplish them.  

There is no other place on earth you can see people dressed as our favorite heros and noone even gives a second look. Unless of course its to take a picture.  

If you’ve been to Comic Con and you have a story to share or a story to tell…or even some pointers for a newbie, feel free to comment.



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