Warm Bodies

I just finished watching Warm Bodies.  I must say that I did read the book, as I usually do, and I found this adaptation to be fairly on point.  While it didnt exactly visually look like what I thought it would when I was reading the book, it did its job.  It is a nice concept, though a little far fetched that human interaction can “cure” the zombies.  Lets tell that to Rick Grimes and see what he has to say about it.  Staying on Warm Bodies, I do see a similarity in the leading girl and Kristen Stewart.  Because it is the same production company I can almost bet with certainty they were going for the next Twilight.  However when one of your characters can only mumble for most of the movie its kind of hard to make a connection with him.  I thought this movie was entertaining, true to the book for the most part and definately worth a watch if youre into zombies.  I retract, if youre into fantasy zombies.  This is not your bite’em, eat’em, shoot’em zombie movie. Its for the light of heart.warm-bodies-poster05


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