They Live on big screen with John Carpenter Q&A

So I don’t pick up on things too quickly. Before watching They Live on Blu Ray a few months back I had no idea that all the Obey propaganda used by Shepard Fairey was based on this movie.  Just how influential this movie was and still is today, is mind boggling.  As the title says I was fortunate to be able to see They Live in a theater on Friday night during the Hero Complex film fest here in LA.  Watching it again really reminds you of how advertising is everywhere.  And that we really are asleep to whats going on around us.  Those fancy boxes of cereal and brightly colored cans of soda look that way for a reason.  They want us to  CONSUME.  There are even certain things going on with our government that screams OBEY.  Its really and eye opener movie. Then to see John Carpenter himself was amazing.  He’s a pretty laid back guy.  You would never guess he was a movie genius.  He even stopped and asked the audience for the score on a basketball game. If you have the chance check this one out.  Its now on Blu Ray.  It may look cheesy, as most small budget movies do, but its message is very powerful.they-live-011


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