Gatsby, The Great

So I saw the Great Gatsby last night.  I wasnt quite sure what I was getting myself into, and based on the trailers, I was correct.  Here I go in thinking Gatsby is this elusive man who throws extravagent parties just because he has so much money that he can.  He’s so well known in the community for the things he does he’s practically a celebrity.


But the reality is, he’s a man who’s heartbroken over the one woman he fell in love with 5 years ago.  He lives directly across from her, hoping one day she will come to his parties.  She marries.   Has children.  It was clear they should have been together, but something went wrong, the timing just wasnt right.  He was left in the past.  Yet when they meet up again their chemistry is still there, its like they were meant for each other.  Yet, again she was married.  His hopefullness that the world can change to be the way you want it to be was excellent.  The way he created his life, his future from the poor beginnings was inspiring.  Jay Gatsby, you just want to look up to him, have a sense of pride for him, mixed in with a lot of pity.


The sound track was excellent.  Even though many songs of today were used in an era many years ago, it worked.  I’d go see if you get a chance.


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