I don’t think a Zombie Apocalypse is possible.


Someone prove me wrong.

Now, I’ve done my research, though limited, on Zombies.  I’ve read a book on Zombie Autopsies, I’ve read the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant, dabbled with The Walking Dead, and I’m even a member of the Zombie Research Society, that of which I carry my official card with me in my wallet.  I’m fascinated with the concept of reanimation.  I just don’t think its possible.  At least not in the way it’s portrayed in movies and books.  I mean, did you see Warm Bodies?  (in all fairness, I loved the book, but the movie just made the book look like a joke).

I do however believe there could be a virus that can render us “zombies”.  Will be suddenly desire blood, I don’t see why we would.  It seems one day someone decided to mix a zombie with a vampire.  (Vampires is a whole different blog post).  One thing I did read was that in order for a “zombie” virus to infect you, you had to weigh a certain amount.  So small animals or even babies wouldnt have the body mass to turn. I have never read where babies, because they can never be a zombie, can be the cure.  If it were to ever happen of course.

The most accurate assumption I think comes in 28 Days, and 28 Days Later.  The Rage virus sounds way more plausible than just rising from the dead to eat other human beings. I have lots of thoughts on this topic.  This is probably just one of many blogs I will write about zombies.  Here’s a pic of me at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in LA last year, wearing my steam geek tee shirt joining the Zombie Research Team.  I welcome thoughts, comments, stories, questions.


Comic Con: A Fans Hope



Here I am watching Comic Con a Fans Hope.  I was fortunate enough to watch this at a premiere with Morgan Sperlock, Stan Lee, and a few others that were featured in the film.  This year will be my first attendance of Comic Con.  I’ve been to the smaller Wonder Con, Day of the Dead con.  However making it in this geek culture won’t happen till I conquer San Diego comic con.  I am not big on being around a lot of people but I am into finding hidden gems.  I dont like to read mainstream comics like Avengers, or Captain America.  I like to find independent writers and publishers.  I’m sure Comic Con is plentiful of those.  I am actually a fan of Lady Mechanika.  I finally picked it up at the Long Beach Con.  

So in preparation of potentially going to comic con, we are watching this movie.  It totally gives a great perspective of what its like to attend.  Its great following a few different attendees with their own agendas, and how they accomplish them.  

There is no other place on earth you can see people dressed as our favorite heros and noone even gives a second look. Unless of course its to take a picture.  

If you’ve been to Comic Con and you have a story to share or a story to tell…or even some pointers for a newbie, feel free to comment.


Warm Bodies

I just finished watching Warm Bodies.  I must say that I did read the book, as I usually do, and I found this adaptation to be fairly on point.  While it didnt exactly visually look like what I thought it would when I was reading the book, it did its job.  It is a nice concept, though a little far fetched that human interaction can “cure” the zombies.  Lets tell that to Rick Grimes and see what he has to say about it.  Staying on Warm Bodies, I do see a similarity in the leading girl and Kristen Stewart.  Because it is the same production company I can almost bet with certainty they were going for the next Twilight.  However when one of your characters can only mumble for most of the movie its kind of hard to make a connection with him.  I thought this movie was entertaining, true to the book for the most part and definately worth a watch if youre into zombies.  I retract, if youre into fantasy zombies.  This is not your bite’em, eat’em, shoot’em zombie movie. Its for the light of heart.warm-bodies-poster05

They Live on big screen with John Carpenter Q&A

So I don’t pick up on things too quickly. Before watching They Live on Blu Ray a few months back I had no idea that all the Obey propaganda used by Shepard Fairey was based on this movie.  Just how influential this movie was and still is today, is mind boggling.  As the title says I was fortunate to be able to see They Live in a theater on Friday night during the Hero Complex film fest here in LA.  Watching it again really reminds you of how advertising is everywhere.  And that we really are asleep to whats going on around us.  Those fancy boxes of cereal and brightly colored cans of soda look that way for a reason.  They want us to  CONSUME.  There are even certain things going on with our government that screams OBEY.  Its really and eye opener movie. Then to see John Carpenter himself was amazing.  He’s a pretty laid back guy.  You would never guess he was a movie genius.  He even stopped and asked the audience for the score on a basketball game. If you have the chance check this one out.  Its now on Blu Ray.  It may look cheesy, as most small budget movies do, but its message is very powerful.they-live-011

Gatsby, The Great

So I saw the Great Gatsby last night.  I wasnt quite sure what I was getting myself into, and based on the trailers, I was correct.  Here I go in thinking Gatsby is this elusive man who throws extravagent parties just because he has so much money that he can.  He’s so well known in the community for the things he does he’s practically a celebrity.


But the reality is, he’s a man who’s heartbroken over the one woman he fell in love with 5 years ago.  He lives directly across from her, hoping one day she will come to his parties.  She marries.   Has children.  It was clear they should have been together, but something went wrong, the timing just wasnt right.  He was left in the past.  Yet when they meet up again their chemistry is still there, its like they were meant for each other.  Yet, again she was married.  His hopefullness that the world can change to be the way you want it to be was excellent.  The way he created his life, his future from the poor beginnings was inspiring.  Jay Gatsby, you just want to look up to him, have a sense of pride for him, mixed in with a lot of pity.


The sound track was excellent.  Even though many songs of today were used in an era many years ago, it worked.  I’d go see if you get a chance.

Ironman 3

I’ve never been a fan of super heroes or even picked up a comic until I was 33. Now I’ve seen all the marvel movies and think quite highly if Mr Stark. Quite the genius. So who’s your favorite super hero?