What is Collaborative Bloggening?

It’s a group of bloggers who come to share their stories, pictures, quotes, basically anything that they feel like sharing.  I am going to set up a facebook page where we can all come together and create the greatest blog ever.  If you have any blog ideas put them up, we can all write about the chosen topic.  I also have a twitter, xxladygamerxx if you’d like to follow me there.  Again I mostly tweet about video games, occassionally sell items on ebay.  But what I am most interested in is connecting with people.  I’m originally from Connecticut, and I live in the Los Angeles area now.  I am exposed to a lot of different events, some of which I will blog about.  Movie premieres, E3, XGames and so on.  I have a lot to say, and I am going to say it here, and I hope that not only do you listen, you collaborate with me and add your experiences too.


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