Calling all Baseball Fans!

That’s right.  I’m calling all you baseball fans out there.  Have you heard of the movie High and Outside?  It’s not your typical happy go lucky Moneyball Brad Pitt movie.  It is a movie that has some depth.  A movie with a story to tell.  Its currently in production.  Here is an excerpt from the official page.  I’ll link to the trailer below it.  Let me know what you all think!!! Please.


A minor league baseball player refuses to believe his career is over and takes desperate measures to keep his dream alive.
Plot Outline
Phil (Phil Donlon) is a man obsessed with the game of baseball: the sounds of it, the smells of it, the feel of the bat on the ball, and the men who have made the game great. It’s been in his blood since the day he was born to Len Harding (Geoffry Lewis), legend in the game. Baseball is his life. At least it used to be.

At 33, Phil is still trying to make it to the big leagues and escape the shadow of his famous and domineering father. But his marriage is falling apart, he’s broke, and he’s just been released by the last team he thought could give him a shot at the bigs. Everyone is telling Phil that his time on the field is over: his agent Benny tells him that, his best friend Johnny tells him that, even his father tells him that.

But Phil’s not ready to quit yet, so when Benny tells him of a development camp that just might get him noticed by some major league scouts, Phil jumps at the chance. The only problem is the camp will cost Phil three thousand dollars, and that’s three thousand dollars Phil doesn’t have. When Len refuses to give his son the money, Phil goes on a desperate quest to raise the cash by whatever means necessary. Navigating his way through the dive bars, pawn shops, and strip clubs of the San Fernando Valley, he’s out to prove he’s his own man and keep his dream alive. But when the darkness takes hold, it won’t willingly let go, and Phil must fight an army of his own demons just to make it out alive.

 Here is a link to the trailer.  Please feedback appreciated!high

The Wolverine

I just got back from watching The Wolverine.  I have never found myself to be fan of Wolverine or the X-Men for that matter, however I was definately impressed and captivated with this movie.  It was refreshing to see a “hero” who has demons, who shows vulnerablity, but at the same time has the strength and courage to do the right thing.  

I dont know much about his story.  Yet that did not stop me from enjoying the movie.  I would definately watch it again, as well as recommend it to anyone that asks.

Watching The Wolverine got me thinking, why don’t we see demon struggling, ass kicking women with super hero powers on the big screen.  A side note about me that I havent divulged yet.   I am a long time Xena Warrior Princess fan.  I know, I know, she doesnt have super powers.  But she is strong, has character and tries to do the right thing.  If only she had not come to the side of good, how far would she have gone.  What if she has succumbed to Ares and all his requests to join him?  Sure Callisto made a great adversary, but even she went good in the end…er on the other side.

I’d like to create a comic where the main character is female.  Shes strong, very dedicated to her convictions and knows no limits.  Sure she can be knocked down but will always always get up and be much more powerful than when she went down.  Does she hold a grudge, eh not for long.   This woman usually handles her issues right way.  A grudge isnt necessary against a dead opponent.

My only hold back is I cannot draw.  I want to get my creative juices flowing, hence my venture onto Blogster.  I figure if I write everyday, I’ll become more comfortable.  

I do read a lot.  Not just comics, but books in general.  There are so many great and inspiring characters out there.  I can only imagine what I could do with one of my own.  The title of my blog is collaborative bloggening for a reason.  I want to collaborate with different people, either through my blog or on any creative projects having to do with writing.  I may live in the Hollywood, LA area, but film is just not for me.

{#cheerleader.gif}Here’s to letting the creativity flow!!


The Call

The Call. A movie I dismissed until last week when it arrived on Xbox video. This movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. My mind became entangled within the storyline. It makes you wonder, how do 911 answer folks handle being on the receiving end of life and death pleas for help. I realize this is just a movie, but is it?

At what point does the dispatcher have to separate their feelings from the victim and remain calm and in control so that they can save a life.

Granted Halle Berrys character too it one step too far that I don’t believe most real life 911 dispatchers would do. How far would you go to save a life? Do you know what it feels like to have caused someone’s death who was begging you for help. We take these 911 dispatchers for granted.

The Call was an excellent movie, and I’m still talking about it. See it. It’s not scary, it’s thought provoking. I actually thought the twist at the end was brilliant.

Share your thoughts.

Well Done, Microsoft

Lady Gamer:

Now if only we could get some backwards compatablity on the 360 games so we dont have to have 2 systems to play the games we love.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

The reveal of the Xbox One didn’t go as Microsoft hoped. Gamers loved the system, but hated the absurd restrictions placed on the games. But Microsoft listened and just today reversed its stance on some of the more ridiculous policies. Good for them. Good for us.

I mean, the outcry was hard to ignore. The memes, the tweets, the visceral anger was everywhere. Even the talking heads on nationwide morning talk shows were debating the curious DRM restrictions.

Gone is the daily Internet check. Gone is the very limited region locking. Games can now be rented and traded and passed among friends just like always. Things are essentially back to normal, for better or worse.

This move was clearly to save face and eliminate potential digs Sony and Nintendo could (and would and already did) take at the Xbox One. The last thing Microsoft needs is…

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Man of Steel (2013)

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9/10 Dual Citizens

Respect the cape, son.

Man of Steel is the story of Kal-El, a boy who crash-landed on Earth after his homeworld of Krypton was destroyed by the arrogance of its creators. He grows up in the rural town of Smallville and is raised as a son by a pair of humble farmers. They name him Clark, and before long, he discovers that he has powers far beyond those of normal humans, powers that his father urges him to hide for fear of the public repercussion. So he grows up hiding in plain sight, going from job to job, place to place without ever revealing his true self to anyone. And after years of searching, he finally makes contact with the people of Krypton. Unfortunately for him, they’re less interested in assimilating with humanity as they are completely wiping it out. So with the survival of two…

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World War Z

Forget what you know about the book, the movie is good in its own right.  I found World War Z to be a very action packed, quite realistic, engrossing movie.  I have spent many hours watching movies about zombies, reading books about zombies, transformations, cures even a book on autopsies.  And well quite frankly WWZ was right along with my assumptions.

What I know about a virus is that it needs a living host.  This was addressed in this movie.  Those who have some sort of immunity, why, how? Also was in this movie.  The difference was their answers were all very plausible.  I’d buy it.  

Now, I might be biased with this, but I really do expect zombies to be slow, sloshing creatures, who can easily be out run.  The zombies in WWZ were fast, strong and for some reason would crack their skulls on your windshield.  Rather advanced for my taste, however noone really knows how “zombies” will be, if they ever do happen.  All in all I really enjoyed this movie.  There were definately some jump back scenes.  I watched in 3d, which looked great.  

4.5 blood drips out of 5!